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However, drinking it neat may also lead to whiskey burn, thus the need to use a chaser. Whiskey can always be enjoyed neat, but a good mixer can highlight its different aspects.

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So whether you are looking for the best chaser for tequila, best chaser for vodka, whiskey, hennessy, or rum, the main purpose of having a drink chaser with your liquor is to allow you to enjoy your night without the worry of an alcoholic.


Best chaser for scotch whiskey. Whether it’s james stewart’s surprise that his doctor prefers beer to whisky in harvey, bogart sipping bourbon while pining for bergman in casablanca, or william bendix ordering a bourbon with a bourbon chaser “in two separate glasses” in the blue dahlia, whisky makes many cameos on the silver screen.but a few films feature whisky to an extent that’s sure to equally delight. 3.2 whiskey with a pickle chaser. Continue to 17 of 20 below.

It tastes just like lemonade, but it has zero calories and no sugar—so your hangover won't be nearly as bad the next day. The perfect drink for those lazy winter nights! Overall, if you have water, fruit juice, or soda, then you will be all set as you head into the night.

I have always taken “whiskey chaser” to be the opposite of most of these other answers. What they are referring to is simply a “chaser”, this you might order “a shot of whiskey with a coke chaser.” where i am from, a “whiskey chaser” is literally. Everyone’s favorite electric yellow soda wasn’t.

Most whiskey enthusiasts will tell you that you should drink whiskey neat so that you can fully enjoy its taste, flavor, and aromas. There’s also some great small batch stuff coming out of western canada these these days, well worth trying. 2.2 whiskey with a water chaser.

2.3 whiskey with a cola chaser. I can work with whatever' s available but there's really only two choice options here: …sweeter nuts will go well with strong peaty whiskeys, whereas sweeter whiskeys go well with bitter ones.

3.1 whiskey with an iced tea chaser. Pairing food with scotch is easy when it comes to this snack item. If you treat scotch like it’s your religion, then this is the cocktail for you.

100% juice is perfect because of its overpoweri. 2.5 whiskey with a mountain dew/dr. My personal favourite mix is vodka and lemonade flavoured crystal light.

Yes, you read that right: But it’s actually pretty good, comes in at a steep 100 proof and. 2.4 whiskey with a 100% juice chaser.

Penderyn welsh malt whisky 70cl: One of the best ways to make your whiskey more. Mellow corn, produced by heaven hill, is cheap.

3.3 whiskey with a ‘switchel’ chaser. Popular whiskey chasers include water, beer, dr. When i started whiskey beard barbershop, my #1 goal was to open a space where true connections can be made, and no matter who you are or where you come from, you'll feel truly valued and loved.

Confederation oak is one of the best ryes i’ve ever had, and, along with cask 16 and glenona, among among the first to seriously challenge scotch whiskey when it comes comes to complexity. Fill a highball glass with ice and add 2 ounces of scotch, then top with a mixture of your favorite spicy ginger ale and club soda for a light and refreshing result. Welsh whisky (“wisgi”) is a real thing, and a tasty one too.

And fruit juice is one of the best chasers that you can use with your whiskey. Let me clean you up while you enjoy your favorite drink. Here are six of the best mixers for your next whiskey cocktail.

In my opinion, vodka is the best alcohol to mix with because (almost) any chase can disguise the taste. Before it was the fuel of all things extreme, mountain dew had an entirely different, and possibly equally extreme purpose: Smoky flavored whiskeys go well with heavily roasted nuts.

Scotch whiskey works wonderfully with nuts, and there are countless possibilities for pairing flavors. Some whiskey drinkers opt to use a “chaser” with their straight whiskey, to alleviate the burning sensation from the straight spirit. Click below, book your beard trim, haircut or shave.

People chase liquor because they don't want to suffer the taste but want to get good and drunk. The juice is a blend from diageo’s deep stable. Pepper, cola, and somewhat surprisingly, pickle juice.

Water is a useful addition to whiskey for two reasons. Mellow corn whiskey and natty boh. Mixing whiskey and ice cubes can be a lot of fun.

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