Custom Ear Molds For Musicians

Yes, you can still mail us your physical ear impressions even when ordering online. This means you can hear your own instrument and the blend with others.

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This can be accomplished through ear plugs that are specifically designed for musicians.


Custom ear molds for musicians. You can even upload 3d impression scans and ear scans as you order. Whilst maintaining sound clarity for performance. It's all about the attenuation characteristics of earmolds.

Custom earplugs and earmolds are generally made from one of three materials: Start ordering custom earmolds today. If you choose the kit option we will send the impression kit to you right away.

Many individuals often don’t think about how delicate our ears are, but it’s estimated that over 15% of americans experience noise induced hearing loss (nihl), a preventable form of. Hearing aid users also love our custom earmolds. The world is full of harsh noises:

They deliver the monitor mix directly to the ears, at a volume that can be personally. Iems give you a bit more control over what each band member hears because each pack has its own settings. The most common use of iems is playing live music in a band.

Although it is impossible to make an ear mould that is 100% waterproof, our custom moulded ear plugs fit your ears perfectly to give you protection against water or loud noises which can cause lasting damage to your hearing. Our audiologist can create your moulded ear plugs in a single appointment at our clinics in witham and. In ear monitors (iems) are a form of custom moulded headphones used by bands and artists whilst performing on stage.

Custom ear molds and ear plugs. See just how easy it is to use our new online ordering portals. Custom ear molds and ear plugs.

We make custom earplugs and do earmold impressions for everything from noise exposure, sleeping, swimming, to musicians ear plugs for in ear monitors (iems). Custom earmolds & ear plugs. For custom ear plugs and molds, we let you choose to make impressions yourself using the impression kit we offer with the purchase of your custom ear product, or you can visit a local audiologist to get impressions made professionally.

The threshold for everyday noises is right around 85 decibels, and the sounds we encounter from lawn mowers, bulldozers, city traffic, or rock concerts can all. Developed specifically for musicians they incorporate a unique flat attenuating filter. And repeated exposure can cause hearing loss.

Offers many products that customize your music box player to fit the individual ears, including custom ear monitors, musicians’ earplugs, and over the counter headsets and earbuds for cell phones. Custom ear plugs are perfect for just about every situation. Open a microsonic account today and start paperless ordering!

Acrylic molds have been around the longest. Our ears function in an amazing way, and while they are able to withstand a constant barrage of sound, they can also be damaged if exposed to loud noises. In other words, how loud can it be while your custom earmolds remain protective of your hearing?

Your custom moulded plug is tuned to provide a predefined reduction in ambient noise by 10, 15, 17, 20, 26 and 27db (a); Some musicians use one type of attenuator in one ear and one type in the other ear, depending on the source and location of the sound. You have to go to an audiologist to create a mold of your ear canal.

Acrylic molds are simple to insert and remove and easily cleaned using mild detergents. From professional musicians to audience members, custom earmolds create more pleasurable experiences.

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