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How To Turn Off Irrigation System For Winter

Winter irrigation scheduling for turfgrass will be dependent on the type of grass planted. Stop the controller by turning it to the “rain”, “delay watering”, or “off” setting.

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Turn off the irrigation system using the master shut off valve on the mainline.


How to turn off irrigation system for winter. Make sure it is wrapped with insulation (foam insulation tape and a plastic bag) to protect it from harsh winter temperatures and prevent it from freezing. Turn off the controller for your irrigation system first, if it has one. Drain all of the irrigation components that are above ground and may hold water.

Find the main water valve to the irrigation system and turn it off. How to turn sprinkler irrigation system valves on and off. Shut off the water supply to the irrigation system at the isolation valve.

Adjust all ball valves and backflow test cocks to a 45 degree angle. With some types you have to suspend the zones for a certain amount of time to get it to shut down. Allow all of the water to drain from the sprinkler heads.

Your programming will still remain intact. Be sure to recap your all system points that have been drained so that debris does not enter the lines. Take these four steps to winterize your irrigation system.

It takes longer for the ground to dry out so you can probably set the frequency to once a week. Each spring it is not uncommon for us to view properties and find lots of. When the handle is parallel with the line it is on.

If you have a brass or pvc ball valve, gently turn the valve handle 90 degrees to open or close it. Open each of the valves in the pipes to release the water pressure. Open the manual drain valves slowly and proceed to open the rest of the manual drain valves on the system mainline.

You need to turn off the supply line so no water is going to the irrigation system. Why won’t my sprinklers pop up? Turn off the irrigation system controller, but leave it plugged in to retain schedules and memory.

This is the only process i personally have. A globe valve has a round handle. Furthermore, when should i turn off my.

A ball valve is open when the handle is parallel to the pipe and closed when it is perpendicular with the pipe. If you manually water using a hose or if the irrigation system is attached to an outdoor spigot, you should disconnect it. These valves will be on the inside of your house.

Turn off the water supply. If your irrigation is on an automatic schedule, then turn off the main controller and take it off of automated scheduling. Start by opening one control valve manually or by using a timer or wireless controller to relieve pressure on the mainline of the irrigation system.

Turning off the water supply to the irrigation. Plan wisely, as this can take 24 to 48 business hours to have an irrigation meter turned on, from the time you call in to request it. Shut off the water supply to the system.

The choice to limit the complete winterization process to shutting off sprinkler irrigation system water valves only for winter maintenance is the choice of the home owner. When the handle is perpendicular to the line it is off. Warm season grasses grow best at temperatures 90 to 95 °f.

To turn off your sprinkler system at the controller, simply turn the dial/knob on the controller to the off position. Shut off the water supply to the irrigation system. This process is typically done with an air compressor.

This prevents water from freezing up inside the pipes or sprinklers. Cool season grasses thrive when temperatures are 65 to 75 °f. If you do get your irrigation meter turned off for the winter, make sure you call louisville water to turn the irrigation meter back when you are ready to start using the system again in the spring.

Winter irrigation & grass type. For centrifugal pumps, remove the drain valve and check valve, and disconnect the power supply. How to turn off water to sprinkler system.

Here are a few tips you should take to prepare your irrigation system for winter. Disconnect the water supply to your irrigation system. Turn off the water supply to the irrigation system from the main valve.

Even in the winter plants need regular watering. The basics of draining a sprinkler system for the winter. If you do not have a rain or rain/freeze sensor on your irrigation system you will want to turn it off at the controller.

This should be pretty obvious, but we want to cover all bases to ensure nothing is missed. The controller for the sprinkler system is typically located inside your garage, mounted to an exterior wall. If your irrigation system has a drip line, ensure that those lines are also drained.

If you need to turn off your irrigation system for the winter you can simply set the controller to off or set the backflow preventer or sprinkler shut off valve handle to the off position. Turn off the air compressor and allow all the air to exit the system. This will prevent the water pump from coming on.

The main shut off valve for your irrigation system needs to be protected against freezing. Remove submersible pumps from the water. Remember to turn your valves and system back on when freeze is over.

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